Friday, March 28, 2008

New Home

The Wallington Historical Society will be moving into their new office at the VFW Building on Main St.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wallington's First Elected Officials - 1895

At the first meeting of the Mayor and Council on March 18, 1895 the following to the oath of office and made appointments.
Mayor Jacob Wagner
Councilman Bernard Koster, President of Council
Councilman John Baker
Councilman Thomas R. Collins
Councilman Walter F. Schmidt
Councilman Charles R. Stewart
Councilman Robert Angel
Justice of the Peace Jacob Wagner


at the next meeting on March 25, 1895 all appointments were declared null and void as the Mayor and Council did not follow the law regarding appointments.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1888 Residents of Wallington

I have a index of over 400 residents (actually only the man's name) of Wallington for the year 1888 and earlier. This was complied from a 16 page handwritten list of these residents by an earlier historian.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1916 Crimial Complaint Docket Book

I am happy to announce that I just indexed Wallington's 1916 Criminal Complaint Docket book. This 340 name index refers back to the docket's books page that contains: Defendant's name and address, date, complainant, witness and dispostion with fines and costs. This and other indexes will soon be available for use by anyone who is interested in Wallington's history.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Peter J. Krug - New York Times Obituary Sept. 18, 1914

Peter J. Krug, veteran of the civil war and one of the wealthiest residents of lower Bergen County, died yesterday at his home in Wallington, NJ. Born in Liverpool, England, Nov. 9, 1847 of German parentage, Mr. Krug learned there to grow roses in his youth. He came to America when a young mand andstarted a greehouse in Wallington, which is one of the largest in the State.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The death ofGeorge Tarbox and his wife

According to the New York Times, Dec.25,1895 George Tarbox 73 years old of Wallington died on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. He was arrested as short time ago in a raid on the Hermitage Hotel in which a poolroom was held. He was a bartender. His wife, who's name was never given in the article, tried to bail him out but on the way to the County jail she caught cold and within a few days died of pneumonia. Tarbox was allowed out of jail to visit her before she passed away. The day following her death Mr. Tarbox made bail by his friends. He lived for a short time and sank slowly into dispair and died from the deisgrace of the arrest and death of his wife. Tarbox was a member of a well known Mass. family. His brother served sevral terms in Cngress from Mass.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Notable People to Wallington??

Did you know that these famous people came to Wallington?
George Washington not only came thru Wallington during his retreat from New York in November of 1776, but came thru Wallington many times during the American Revolution since the Aquackanonk Bridge was the only southerly bridge connecting the North with Philadelphia and the Southern States. All other bridges were out of the way. Not only did Washington come across the bridge into Wallington, but his wife, Martha traveled thru Wallington many times to visit her husband.
Also coming into Wallington during the war: Generals Sterling, Greene, Stephen, Mifflin, Mercer, Smith, Beall, Heard, Ewing, Sullivan Knox, Putnam, Reed, Maxwell, Winds, Woodford, Lee, "Maddog" Wayne, Waterbury, Gibson and Linclon.
More notables to come...